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Wine Made By Hand


Current Technology

We make wine simply with a lot of focus and care. The work in the cellar is guided by intuition, informed through sensory engagement, and done by hand (and foot!).


Our goal is to allow the grapes to express themselves completely as wine. In 2018, we began farming the vineyard using organic methods, and experimenting with stainless steel fermentation vessels.


In 2019, organic farming practices continued, and the wine continued to move in a more terroir-focused direction through exploring block-specific bottlings.

In 2020, we continue to use organic farming methods, and have begun using biodynamic and regenerative methods as well. In the cellar, we have transitioned to allowing the yeast present in the ecosystem to work their magic to transform the juice into wine, and we are aging wines in a diversity of vessels, including traditional glass demijohns and FlexTanks.

Beginning in 2020, all our wines are foot stomped the old-fashioned way!


Hand Work

Doing winemaking work by hand brings the human element into the wine, engages our senses, our minds, our bodies, and our hearts. Working with traditional tools and methods inspires us to embrace our human intuition and to celebrate the sacred and joyful work that transforms the vine into wine. 

When we work slower and close to the process, we are more engaged with the transformation from grape cluster to fizzing fermenting juice to young wine. This engagement is sensory,  we are often tasting, smelling, and pondering experimentation, learning directly from the process about how the wine wants to be, and how we can guide it there.

Wine by hand might take slightly longer, but we think it's worth it, and honestly, quite fun! The grapes are hand-picked, stomped by foot, and fermented in large open-top containers.


Once fermentation is finished, we transfer the grape mash by hand into the press to extract more juice. The pressed juice is then transferred via bucket into its fermentation container, where it ferments and grows up into wine!


Delightful Rural Wines

Our goal is to make wine in a straightforward way that accurately captures what it was like to be a grapevine in our vineyard during the growing season. This means our wines will taste slightly different from year to year, as no growing season is exactly alike another.


For example, in warm years, the wines taste more intense, bold and earthy, and in cool years, the wines express more bright fruitiness with refreshing acidity. We think this is pretty neat that you can taste different things in wine depending on the season, and we celebrate this in our wines as a glorious phenomenon of the universe.

Our wines come from a farm in New Hampshire, a rural place. We make wine to celebrate this place and its people, and the potential that is here and everywhere for agricultural regeneration. We believe that wine is made by farmers, and therefore is not “fancy”. We feel wine is food, a type of nourishment for the soul and heart, a gift to help us connect with our fellow humans, the earth, and ourselves!

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