About Us

Established in 2012, SHARA Vineyards is a small artisan winery located in Concord, New Hampshire. As farmers, our team believes the best wine begins in the vineyard, with happy vines growing in living soils. 


We dedicate our hands and hearts to creating a thriving, diverse ecosystem for our vines. Our mission is to craft wine that is deeply expressive of these New Hampshire hills that we call home -- wine that respects the earth; wine that is nourishing and delicious! 

When the current owners moved to the vineyard in 2018, the vines were struggling from intensive applications of pesticides and herbicides, and the soil under the vines was so dry and dusty that you had a wear a dust mask just to mow the lawn!


There was an urgent need to restore the vitality of both the vines and the vineyard soil, and so organic farming techniques were introduced in the summer of 2018 to begin the regeneration of the vineyard ecosystem.

In 2019, we continued organic growing practices, and began to observe the vines much more closely, learning about the growing needs of the different sections of the vineyard and then making three different wines from three distinct sections of the vineyard.

In 2020, we expanded our farming practices to include inspiration from regenerative and biodynamic agriculture, and incorporated intuitive learnings from the land. We continued to build soil health and biodiversity by using compost teas, allowing native plants to flourish, and removing fast-spreading undesirable plants from the vineyard and the surrounding forest.


In the winemaking, we employed ancient techniques to allow the energy of the vines and grapes to be fully expressed in the wine: foot stomping, spontaneous fermentation, gentle pressing, aging in glass and fiberglass.

In 2020, we also produced our wine blended with a bit of cider, which will be available for sale in 2021. The cider apples were harvested from a century-old, unsprayed orchard in Contoocook which had been left unmanaged for many years, with only pruning and mowing done in 2020.


This orchard is a reclamation and revitalization project we are undertaking in partnership with the orchard owner, with the goal of preserving this historic apple growing site for generations to come.


The SHARA Vineyard team is excited to bring you great New Hampshire wines. We wholeheartedly believe that where there is good wine, there is good life!