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The Land

We believe that land ownership is a modern construct that works to oppress, and do not take this lightly. We believe that anybody who owns land has a responsibility to tend it with many generations of humans, animals, plants and fungi in mind. We acknowledge that this land we are on was tended for thousands of years by an Abenaki people called the Pennacook, who did so without wreaking the ecological havoc we found when we arrived on the scene in 2018. We acknowledge that this land was stolen from the Pennacook people by our forebears, and that we are participants in a long legacy of oppression. And, yet, here we are. 

Because of this, we feel strongly that we must tend this land with respect and reverence for the natural world. We also feel strongly that we must share this space with our community. To this end, we support the work of extraordinary wine growers in the vineyard and farmers in the fields; cultivate the surrounding lands sustainably and let wild spaces be; and share the whole beautiful bounty with a community of wine lovers every summer.


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