Vineyards create their own magic. Ours is the magic of high, rolling New Hampshire hills sculpted by ancient glacial migration, soaked in sunlight, rain and snow, and abundant with vitality. The vines are an ode to the earth, their roots winding through the glacial till of sandy loam, gneiss & granite fragments, towards the schist bedrock, which was formed through metamorphic activity over two million years ago.

Our vineyards are planted with grapes bred to thrive in frigid winters and sweltering summers alike; grapes with a complex ancestry of grapevine DNA. Their American DNA, taken from wild grapevines, add a deep lineage of coevolution with our climate and geology, an intelligence of when to awaken in the spring and when to rest in the fall. These grapes are a wonderful hybrid of the wild and the cultivated, much like ourselves.

Our farming, too, seeks a balance between the wild and the cultivated. Our role as farmers is to facilitate the processes of life; to integrate the vineyard into the surrounding ecosystem, so that we might work in harmony with the earth. We are inspired by regenerative agriculture, organic and biodynamic practices, and intuitive learnings from the land and from our vines.


SHARA Vineyards

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