Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams
 Quality Control

From the studio to the stage and from fine dining to winemaking, Ryan has had many different crea-tive profess-ions.

A Massachusetts native with an affinity for natural wine and organic agri-culture, it is no surprise that he has found his way here after working the past two harvests on the west coast. As quality control here at the vineyard, he works closely with the fermentation facilitator to ensure a high standard of quality, while providing alternative perspectives at every step of the process.

Nicholas Kimberly

Nicholas Kimberly
Vine Farmer & Fermentation Facilitator

Nicholas is a farmer, a fermentation fanatic and an earth enthusiast. He grew up in Southern NH, by the banks of the Souhegan River, fishing, swimming, and observing the intricate details of the natural world. This deep love of earth has inspired Nicholas to explore many avenues of land-based work, from learning bio-dynamics and milking cows in Maremma, to working as a cheesemaker and an educator at Cricket Creek Farm; and ultimately completing 2-year farming apprenticeship at La  Garagista Vineyard & Winery in 2019, with natural winegrower, Deirdre Heekin.

After two years of intensive learning with Deirdre and her team, Nicholas joined SHARA Vineyards in March 2020 to expand the organic farming program started in 2018, and to introduce natural wine-making techniques. Nicholas is inspired by biodynamic and organic farming, permaculture and perennial agricultural philo-sophies, and seeks to learn from the landscape to find the vineyard's balance between a wild and a cultivated habitat.

Curly Vine 2021.jpg

General Manager

Ray has been engaged in organic farming in some capacity since 2005. They most recently ran a small, permaculture-inspired farm in Pittsfield, NH where they raised pasture- and forest-raised livestock and grew annual and perennial vegetables and fruits for sale on the farm and at farmer’s markets. In 2018, Ray's partner acquired SHARA Vineyards and Ray assumed the position of general manager. 


Ray is primarily responsible for the overall administration and general management of the farm, and will happily respond to any phone calls and emails SHARA Vineyards receives. Ray looks forward to meeting you in the wine garden!

Hugh Herr

Hugh Herr
Owner, Designer

Hugh Herr has spent the majority of his professional life conducting research and development within the field of human bionics. His work at MIT seeks to advance technologies for the rehabilitation and augment-ation of humans using neural, mechanical and dynamic methods. His work can be found here.

However, Hugh has more earthly roots. He grew up on a 130-acre Pennsylvania farm with Mennonite parents and five siblings running through the fields and scaling the barns. Along with his brothers, Hugh became obsessed with rock climbing in his early years, and became a world-renowned rock climber by the age 16. (More here!)


In 2018, Hugh decided to return to his agrarian roots, and purchased SHARA Vineyards in Concord, NH with the vision of growing wine grapes using organic methods that focus on soil and ecosystem health. To better express the terroir of the wine, in 2020 SHARA Vineyards began to produce wines using absolutely no additives, thereby emulating in the cellar the organic methods in the field.


Hugh's greater vision is to create a vineyard that not only produces great natural wine, but also great natural winemakers. Through an apprenticeship model, the vineyard fosters the peda-gogy of new natural winemakers for the region

SHARA Vineyard Team